Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kyle is Graduating!

My sweet husband graduates with his bachelor's degree next week! Kyle has worked so hard for this degree, and we're excited for this milestone event in his life. I decided to throw together a graduation announcement so we can send the news to family and friends. Congratulations, honey! You have earned all of the great things that are coming your way, and I am so proud of you!

**This design is customizable**

Photography: By yours truly ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pebbles and Acorns

When Kahana emailed us and said she wanted to start a company for children's clothing, we couldn't wait to get started on her logo. She and her business partner had a lot of fun and playful ideas, and we were excited to help them get started on their new business endeavors.

Kahana's business isn't up yet... but when it is, we'll be sure to post about it here! She was great to work with, and we hope she has a lot of success with her future company. Thanks for letting us design for you, Kahana!

Monday, April 11, 2016

RachelKae Jenkins - Makeup

My cousin Rachel is an extremely talented freelance makeup artist. I love watching her tutorials on Youtube, and her Instagram account is chalk-full of stunning pictures! I especially love seeing Rachel's work on other people because I feel like she really knows how to switch-up the look she's doing to match the personality of her client. Rachel can master anything from a natural/soft look to a drastic/glamorous look... depending on what her client wants. 

I was ecstatic when Rachel asked me to design a logo for her. I think the best part of this project was pulling out my own makeup collection, rummaging around to see if any lipsticks or palettes inspired me. Thanks for letting me design your logo, Rachel!

Also, if you're looking for a makeup artist, Rachel is your girl! Contact her to do your makeup for ANY event. You will not be disappointed! I changed her phone number on the card seen below for internet security purposes, but Rachel's email is listed correctly! Be sure to check out her Instagram account, @rachelkaejenkins as well as her Youtube channel of the same name. Thanks again, Rach!

Some project details may have been changed for security purposes.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sam and Lindsey

Sam and Lindsey are a stellar couple. I have never been around two people as genuine or as generous as Sam and Lindsey. Kyle and I have known Sam for a while now, but we have come to love Lindsey very quickly! She baked us the most delicious dinner when we met to discuss her announcements! Also, she was one of the most easy-going brides I have ever worked with. Lindsey proved that being a calm bride pays off... because we went to their wedding and everything was gorgeous! I cannot stress how lucky we are to consider Sam and Lindsey our friends. Thanks for letting us design your announcements Lindsey, and thanks for inviting us to be part of your special day.

**This design is customizable**

Photography: Randee Ropelato
Some project details may have been changed for security purposes.