Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Halloween Party Invite.

Kyle and I hosted our third-annual Halloween party this year. Because of our smaller apartment space, we decided to hold an open-house event for our friends (rather than cramming everyone into our tiny living room at the same time). 

It took us a while to come up with a theme for our open-house. We knew we wanted to serve some fancy non-alcoholic beverages, so "Masks and Mocktails" ended up being a fun way to combine a Halloween theme with the drinks we had planned. 

Sometimes I have the most fun designing my own announcements, only because I have total freedom to do what I want with the design. We usually just send out our party announcements via text message (and on Facebook), so I format the size to fit a typical smart phone. Here is the picture of our digital invites.

Thanks for everyone who attended our Halloween open-house! We didn't have too many people come by, but we really enjoyed the quality conversation and catching-up we were able to have with some of our closest friends.

Some project details have been changed for security purposes