Friday, October 6, 2017

Customizable Designs

Wedding announcements are my favorite, and since I had some free-time with the baby I created these mock designs over my summer break. I know... you think I'd have had something better to do with my time off... but I seriously never get tired of designing these wedding packages!

Also, if you ever want to use one of our pre-made announcement designs for your own events, these are fully customizable (as are almost any of our other designs). You can have the words on almost any of our past projects changed for your very own wedding or special event. 

Using a pre-made Delovely Designs template may be a great option for you... especially if you want a stunning announcement at a lower cost! Click on the pricing tab at the top of our site for more details, or click on the right tab labeled "customizable designs" to see all of our options.

The best part is, you don't have to download the empty template and enter in the words on your own... we still do all of that for you! That means no mess and no fuss for you... just the finished project emailed straight to your inbox! We do all of the work on your wording to ensure a beautiful and high-quality announcement, every time!

Anyway... here is my most recent wedding design project. Take a look!

Announcement Option 1 (More Color):

Wedding Announcement Option 2 (Greenery only):

Insert Mockup:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Utah Adventure Couple

This was the last design project we finished before taking a leave of absence to spend time with our new baby back in April. What was supposed to be a small break with the baby turned into a long and exciting summer, jam-packed with family events, grad school, and new-parenting adventures!

We're back now though, and we're excited to share this design with you that we created last Spring! When Jessica Oberg approached me about doing some design work for her website, I was thrilled! The project was pretty last-minute because my due date was fast approaching, but I'm SO glad I had the opportunity to work with her on these designs.

The Obergs now have an adorable baby of their own, with another one on the way! You can read about their family, their adventures, and many of their unique and uplifting life experiences on their website and Facebook site. They are an amazing family, and you'd be missing out if you didn't give them a like/follow on your social media apps!

Thanks for letting me design for you! Best of luck with all of your endeavors.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Brian Jensen came to us with his project quite some time ago. We were in the midst of life with a newborn baby, and he was very patient with us while we worked on his design! We finished Brian's design last spring, but with the crazy summer we enjoyed... we're just barely sharing his project with you now!

Brian and his family travel full-time, and they've set up a great website that offers online (or over-the-phone) health coaching for a variety of people with different life circumstances. On their site they share all about their lives as they travel full-time as well as the healthy habits they've learned along the way.

Brian and his family are wonderful people, and we hope you click this link and check out their website and services. Thanks for letting us design your logo for Taking-the-Wheel!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pura Vida Kettle Corn

When Mary Ibbetson contacted us to design a logo for her kettle corn business, we were thrilled! This project was something fun and different for us, and we really enjoyed making Mary a banner and logo for her popcorn stand.

Mary chose "Pura Vida Kettle Corn" as the title for her business because "pura vida" translates to a phrase similar to "life is good". We loved the idea, and we were excited to work with the bright colors and tropical waves she wanted. Thanks for letting us design your branding, Mary!

If you're interested in tasting the Ibbetson's kettle corn, we're sure you can contact them about their upcoming locations by emailing Both Kyle and I are craving some of that sweet and salty right now!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Morning Glory Photography

Dorinda Pettijohn lives in Missouri and specializes in natural light photography. When she contacted us about her business, Morning Glory Photography, we were excited to design her branding. Any branding with flowers included in the design is Bailee's favorite, so of course she was thrilled to work on this project!

If you would like to view Dorinda's photography and contact her, look at her Facebook page here. She has some beautiful photos on her site. Thanks for letting us design your branding, Dorinda!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Let's Coddiwomple

Our good friend Jamie Walker has recently decided to up and leave her home, sell everything she owns, and commit to a life of adventure with her family! The Walkers are going to spend the next few years being Full-Time Travelers... traveling and living in various locations around the Western U.S.

When Jamie told me about her new ambitions, I offered to design a logo/branding for her travel blog! Jamie's logo is titled "Let's Coddiwomple", and I think the logo and slogan she has for her blog fit her current travel endeavors just perfectly!

Thanks for letting us play a little part in your grand adventure, Jamie! We are excited to see where you go. Best of luck in all your preparations!

If you want to follow Jamie and her family, I've linked her blog below. You don't want to miss out on everything she's posting! I know they'll be seeing some amazing places and doing some incredible things!

Link to Blog:

Friday, February 17, 2017

Blue and Gold Banquet Invitations

Our Mom (Bailee's Mom) planned the annual Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts in her neighborhood this year, and she asked us to make the invitations! This little project was a nice change of pace from the frequent branding designs we've been tackling lately, and we had fun creating something bright and colorful for the boys to take home to their parents.

The theme for their Blue and Gold Banquet was "Journey to Other Lands", and they decorated everything in a Mayan theme. How cute! I think I may have to steal the idea for a birthday party in upcoming years. Thanks for letting us help with your banquet invitations, Mama!

**This design is customizable**

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jenn Bibby Photography

Jenn Bibby contacted us regarding a new business branding for her freelance photography, and we were thrilled to help! Jenn's photography business is located in Fayetteville, Georgia, where she takes the most lovely portraits of people and their families.

We were excited when Jenn said she wanted to incorporate some Tiffany Blue into her logo color palette, a color we haven't had requested before! We enjoyed working on our drawing board to come up with some unique watercolor text with her colors. Here is some more information about Jenn's business:

Jenn is a wife and mother who loves outdoor photography and everything about shooting in natural light. Jenn loves to capture the joy, love, sincerity, thoughtfulness, and unspoken emotion she sees in people. She is grateful to have the opportunity to do what she loves and meet some amazing people along the way. To book with Jenn, visit her website or Facebook page listed below.
Facebook Page: Jenn Bibby Photography

Thanks for letting us design your branding, Jenn! Best of luck with your photography endeavors.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Gena Marie Photography

Gena Mathes contacted us about her photography business branding and we were happy to help! When she told us she wanted some hand-lettering in her branding, we were thrilled to pull out our new drawing board and get to work. Designing her initials by hand electronically was a fun and exciting challenge for us, since it's something we haven't done before! 

Thanks for letting us create your business branding, Gena! And thank you for being so wonderful to work with. If anyone is in need of a great photographer, you can contact Gena at

Friday, January 27, 2017

My MOD Images

Tanja Pearson has started a new freelance photography business, and when she asked us to design her branding we were elated! My MOD Images is located in Arizona, and Tanja has done some stunning portrait photography. Tanja was so enthusiastic and positive while we corresponded with her, I know she would be just as fun for any of your upcoming photography needs!

We were asked to do some gold foiling in this logo, which was a first for us! I was so excited to work with some new, shiny, and fun textures. I've been waiting for someone to ask us to use some foils in their branding, and Tanja finally gave us that opportunity!

Thanks for working with us Tanja! We are wishing you the best of luck as you begin your new photography business. If you're interested in having My MOD Images take your pictures, contact Tanja by following her instagram account @mymodimages or by emailing her at

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thomas and Mallory

Thomas is a good friend of mine, so of course we were excited to hear he was getting married!

We were thrilled to design wedding announcements for Thomas and his new wife Mallory. Their pictures are STUNNING (we are in love with all of the snow and bright colors, KLym Photography!), and they were both an absolute pleasure to work with. Mallory was so patient with us as we designed her announcements during the busy holidays.

We were able to attend The Bytendorps' reception last weekend, and it was beautiful. Thomas and Mallory make a fantastic couple and we are excited for them to begin married life together.

Thanks for letting us design your announcements!

**This design is customizable**

Photography Credit: KLym Photography

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Choose to Shine Photography

We've hit a milestone in our business... Delovely Designs has now gone coast to coast! Our last design project was for a photography business in Pennsylvania, and this time we're going to show you a logo we made for a photography business in California!

Choose to Shine Photography is located in San Diego, but Nicole photographs for people in many of the surrounding cities as well. Her photography is SO darling. You can look at her website here.

We love the simple gray scale theme that Nicole chose for her logo, and we really enjoyed collaborating with her on her design. Thanks Nicole!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Chrisstan Photography

Christina McCammon and her husband have a photography business together, and we were delighted when she contacted us to design a new logo for her. Christina was so easy to work with, and we love the professional simplicity of the design she chose.

Chrisstan Photography is located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. If you're on the east coast looking for some fantastic work, be sure to contact them!

You can look at Christina's photography by clicking on her website here. We had a wonderful time designing for you Christina! Many thanks!