Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jenn Bibby Photography

Jenn Bibby contacted us regarding a new business branding for her freelance photography, and we were thrilled to help! Jenn's photography business is located in Fayetteville, Georgia, where she takes the most lovely portraits of people and their families.

We were excited when Jenn said she wanted to incorporate some Tiffany Blue into her logo color palette, a color we haven't had requested before! We enjoyed working on our drawing board to come up with some unique watercolor text with her colors. Here is some more information about Jenn's business:

Jenn is a wife and mother who loves outdoor photography and everything about shooting in natural light. Jenn loves to capture the joy, love, sincerity, thoughtfulness, and unspoken emotion she sees in people. She is grateful to have the opportunity to do what she loves and meet some amazing people along the way. To book with Jenn, visit her website or Facebook page listed below.
Facebook Page: Jenn Bibby Photography

Thanks for letting us design your branding, Jenn! Best of luck with your photography endeavors.