Thursday, September 21, 2017

Utah Adventure Couple

This was the last design project we finished before taking a leave of absence to spend time with our new baby back in April. What was supposed to be a small break with the baby turned into a long and exciting summer, jam-packed with family events, grad school, and new-parenting adventures!

We're back now though, and we're excited to share this design with you that we created last Spring! When Jessica Oberg approached me about doing some design work for her website, I was thrilled! The project was pretty last-minute because my due date was fast approaching, but I'm SO glad I had the opportunity to work with her on these designs.

The Obergs now have an adorable baby of their own, with another one on the way! You can read about their family, their adventures, and many of their unique and uplifting life experiences on their website and Facebook site. They are an amazing family, and you'd be missing out if you didn't give them a like/follow on your social media apps!

Thanks for letting me design for you! Best of luck with all of your endeavors.