Friday, October 6, 2017

Customizable Designs

Wedding announcements are my favorite, and since I had some free-time with the baby I created these mock designs over my summer break. I know... you think I'd have had something better to do with my time off... but I seriously never get tired of designing these wedding packages!

Also, if you ever want to use one of our pre-made announcement designs for your own events, these are fully customizable (as are almost any of our other designs). You can have the words on almost any of our past projects changed for your very own wedding or special event. 

Using a pre-made Delovely Designs template may be a great option for you... especially if you want a stunning announcement at a lower cost! Click on the pricing tab at the top of our site for more details, or click on the right tab labeled "customizable designs" to see all of our options.

The best part is, you don't have to download the empty template and enter in the words on your own... we still do all of that for you! That means no mess and no fuss for you... just the finished project emailed straight to your inbox! We do all of the work on your wording to ensure a beautiful and high-quality announcement, every time!

Anyway... here is my most recent wedding design project. Take a look!

Announcement Option 1 (More Color):

Wedding Announcement Option 2 (Greenery only):

Insert Mockup: